We are Mooi Hair Extensions Ltd., a company registered in England & Wales under company number 11338661. We operate on the internet as https://mooihairextensions.co.uk/.

This document would explain what cookies are, how we use them, the type of cookies we use and also your rights.

For more on privacy you can read our privacy policy here.

This policy was created January 2023.

We respect your privacy.

What are Cookies?

They are basically micro text files that are used to store information. They are stored on your computer by website actions by your browser. They assist in ensuring that you have a better experience and your activities on our website are better secured.

They are not malicious and are safe for use on your computer.

How do we use Cookies?

We utilize cookies to keep track of your choices, we use cookies to record your sessions, we use cookie to enhance the user experience on the website and we use cookies to carry out other activities we believe would enhance your overall experience on the website.

Cookies Consent

We have a cookie consent dialog that seeks your permission before installing optional cookies.

Denying the request to install cookies means you don’t get to have the full experience of our store.

Cookies List

You can view the cookie list on the cookie consent dialog box. They are categorized appropriately there as well.

Third Party Cookies

We may utilize some third party cookies which can also be seen on the cookie list. When we do, we can guarantee they are entirely safe to use.

How long do cookies last

Cookies have lifetimes and once they expire they are automatically deleted. However for your safety, we refresh your cookies every week.

Deleting Cookies

If you decide to let go of any cookie you have previously allowed, you have to delete it from your browser.

Since cookies are housed on browsers, they are deleted from the browsers.

You have to check the documentation of your browser for the process to delete cookies on that particular browser.

Withdrawing Consent

You can withdraw your consent by deleting the cookies from your browser.

You would have to delete the cookies on all the browsers you have them installed on.

Do you have any question or complaint?

If you have any questions or complain about our use of cookies, you can always reach out to our data protection officer on info@mooihairextensions.co.uk.