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Hair extensions can have wondrous effects on your hair. Whether you would like to add volume, length or even colour, many salons will offer hair extension services.

Depending on your current hair type, what the hair of your dreams looks like and the level of maintenance you want, we will be able to help you find the best option for your hair extensions.

Hot Fusion or Keratin Bond Extensions

Hot fusion or keratin bond hair extensions are one of the most popular methods that people opt for when choosing how to have their extensions applied.

Keratin u-tip bonds are attached to the hair using a specialised heating tool. The tip is in a u-shape, which the natural hair is passed through, once in place, the hairdresser then applies the heat to close up the u-shape around the hair and secure it in place. These extensions are placed close to the root of the hair.

These type of extensions are best suited to this hair and will last up to 6months with proper maintenance. These look very natural and can match your own hair colour.

These are time consuming to apply, and can take up to 6hours depending on your hair and the number of extensions you have having applied. The heat used to apply these extensions could potentially manage the hair underneath but if professionally installed and looked after, this should be lessened.

To look after these extensions properly at home, we recommend avoiding any oil based products or over-styling to keep the extensions looking at their best for longer.

Cold Fusion, Micro Links or I-Tip Extensions

Cold fusion is much like hot fusion but without the application of heat to secure the tip. Instead the tips can be clamped shut using specialist pliers. With this method small pieces of the hair are pulled through a small bead or lock and clamped into position, a small distance from the root.

These will allow your natural hair to move more naturally and are reusable meaning any that do lip out can be re applied easily.

They are time consuming to apply and do not suit fine, thin hair as the clamps can be visible. When looking after these extensions, try not to out too much pressure on the bead itself, as this may loosen them. Avoid oil based products or silicone based products near the attachment to keep these looking their best.

Tape In Extensions

Another popular method of achieving your dream hair is through clip-in extensions. These can also be taped in with specialist PU tape. This is the fastest method for applying hair extensions as they come in 2-4inches wide strips than are taped into place.

No heat or tools are required to apply these extensions, saving the hair form potential damage. They can last up to 6-8months with proper maintenance and looking after. To maintain these extensions you are advised to not wash he hair or sweat excessively for 24-48 hours after they have been applied. This is to help the tape adhere to the hair and create the strongest hold. To help keep them looking their best, don’t use silicone or oil based products at the root of the hair, brush your hair daily from root to tip and style as normal.

Clip In or Temporary Extensions

These extensions are best for occasions or events. They can be clicked into place at any time and should be removed before bed. These are very versatile, they can be added on a daily basis or whenever required. They are not meant for long term use and should always be taken out at the end of the day. They may not be suitable for fine, thin hair as the clicks could be bulky. To maintain these extensions, take them out, and condition them whenever they become dry. Try not to wash them too much as this could damage them.

Sew In or Braid (Weft) Extensions

If you have coarse, curly or thick hair, a sew in option may be the best way forward to achieve your dream hair. The process can be time consuming but involves the natural hair being braided to the scalp and hair pieces sewn to the braids.

These extensions will not slip unless the braids become loose so you are free to use oil or silicone based products. As no glue or heat is required, your hair will not be damaged by these. However these extensions could cause traction alopecia due to the tightness of the braids.

It is recommended to wash the hair regularly but avoid overstaying as this can cause the braids to become loose.

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