Colour Rings

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Our colour rings provide hair swatches that represent the hair used in our hair extensions. Colour rings offer you and your clients the opportunity to see and feel the quality of the hair as well as provide the opportunity to perfectly colour match. Boasting a variety of colours and hues, there’s a shade to suit everyone, including those looking for ombre hair extensions. It’s vital you take good care of your colour rings, occasionally washing the strands of hair to keep them pristine for consultations, while also reducing light exposure to avoid faded colours. We recommend re-investing in a new colour ring every year or so to ensure your colours are in their richest condition and you’re up to date with new colours for the most precise colour matching. Be sure to also browse our full collection of pre-bonded hair extensions, including our remy nano tip extensions and remy stick tip extensions, and remy nail tip extensions for a plethora of high quality choices.

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