Rings & Beads

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Hair extensions can’t be secured properly without the right hair extensions tools to hand, that’s why we stock a varied range of colour rings and silicone lined micro rings beads/tubes for a quality end product. Professional crafted and available in a range of blendable hues, our tools and accessories are sure to help you create a discreet, secure and satisfying finish. Our colour rings hold our shades in one convenient place making it easy to colour match clients to their perfect shade while our micro rings allow the application of remy hair extensions without the need for heat or glue during the bonding process. For a full professional finish, browse our range of premium quality pre-bonded hair extensions, including our remy nano tip extensions and remy stick tip extensions, and remy nail tip extensions.

  • Colour Ring

  • Silicone Lined Copper Tubes

  • Silicone Lined Micro Rings

  • Silicone Lined Nano Rings